UI/UX Designer & Programmer

About Me

I am currently a 3rd year student who majors in Interactive Arts & Technology with a concentration in Interactive Systems and minors in Computing Science in Simon Fraser University. In brief, I am a technology guy who loves creating something out of nothing with my skills. I have interest in everthing that I can leash my creativity on, and this is the reason why I am such passionate for UX/UI designing and Programming. What makes me different from other designers and programmars is I couple my love of codes with good user-centred experience design learnt from my studies into my projects.

Outside the campus, I am an energic adventurer enjoying all of outdoor activities that I can experience in Vancouver Island. I have also engaged in a music band and have worked as a freelance photographer for a short period.


Programming Languages

Design Tools

Operating Systems


TEL: +(1) 778-869-1187


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